The Nearest Meal

Around 30% of greenhouse gas comes from food production. This can be attributed to factory farming, food processing, transportation, retail, and packaging.

The Nearest Meal aims to start a conversation about eating sustainably, locally and reconnecting with where our food comes from. And where better to have that conversation than over lunch at the park? 

I concieved and designed this pop-up experience that serves both foraged, and local ingredients, and uses empowering stories around food as a way to foster connection with the earth. At the pop-up you would recieve a take home guidebook and locally made jams and sauces.

Concept, Naming, Visual Direction, Copywriting, Strategy and Design


The simple container used for the mark points down towards the earth. It makes reference to the shape of a shovel blade (a tool commonly used by foragers), as well as to a signpost (used to imply exploration and discovery). This diagonal signpost form becomes a recognizable part of the identity that threads through many touchpoints.


The designs combine simplified illustrations with masked photography. This allows them to retain a playful energy while still functioning as educational tools.